Konrad Viltersten
Web software specialist
If you can dream it, we can build it
My adventure with computers started already at the age of ten. The very first machine i had was a birthday gift and i begun coding from day one. Its official brand name was... tell me more
I studied at a number of different universities enjoying the academic life for eigth years. The major was mathematics and minor computer science combined with... tell me more
Professionally i started to work part-time already during my years at the university as a contractor. After graduation i decided to explore the IT industry and became... tell me more
If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to book a meeting, give me a call or drop a few lines. My availability calendar can be found through the menu system. For a downloadable summary, confer the files linked below.
CV (english): click here
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A lousy programmer knows how to create problems.
A good programmer knows how to solve problems.
A great programmer knows how to avoid them.
I've always been eager to learn new techniques, new approaches and new methodics. The web oriented development offers just that, as the progress goes at a steady and high pace. One has to adapt to the ever changing technology or stagnate it ones personal improvement. Of course, it's difficult to describe a complex personality using just a few lines of text but the general idea is to stay on top of the newest, bleeding edge programming. That refers to the coding paradigms, such as MVC, LINQ, SharePoint etc. but also to work relaed styles: Scrum, KanBan, pair programming aso.
Current technologies
At the moment I recommend my customers to apply/upgrade within the areas listed below. Those are in the core of my interest and I'll be delighted to assist you working within those.
vs logo
Effective development using Visual Studio 2010 and .NET framwork version 4.0
html5 logo
Future-secured standard for HTML version 5.0
jquery logo
Amazing effects and user experience relying on jQuery version 1.7
js logo
Dynamic front-end content coded in browser independent JavaScript version 1.8
sql logo
Reliable data management with MS SQL Server 2010
Phone: (+46/0) 721 67 60 53
E-mail: click here (remove pants to write)
Website: click here (subject to change soon)
Mail: Box 3007
195 03 Marsta, SWEDEN
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